About OT is FAB

OT is FAB was founded in 2016 by Emma Shears Occupational Therapist.  Following a successful year in independent practice I wanted to share how FAB Occupational Therapy can be.

Why FAB?

Well firstly because Occupational Therapy (OT) just is FAB, also according to my current clients I use that word a LOT!

But also for me it is a play on words and a great acronym for the work I do as an Occupational Therapist.  Functional Activity Based interventions based on the clients profile.  This can include any areas of the clients life to enable them to function to their maximum ability, this includes personal, domestic and leisure activities.

I am passionate about Occupational Therapy and its unique ability to look at a client holistically, I hope in naming my company OT is FAB I can continue the RCOT’s excellent work in raising the profile of Occupational Therapy.