Frequently asked questions

Is there are waiting list?
No, at present there is no waiting list in operation. New referrals will be contacted within 48 hours of receipt of referral and assessments will take place within one week where possible.

How long will it take to receive the assessment report?
Reports are completed within 2 weeks

Where does the assessment and treatment take place?
Assessments usually take place at the client’s home however it may be more appropriate in some cases to meet in the workplace or other public place. This will be decided at the point of referral and subsequent initial telephone contact.

Do you provide Occupational Therapy in my area?
We currently cover Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Leamington Spa, Bedford, North Luton, Dunstable, Milton Keynes, Coventry, South Leicestershire and North Norfolk.

How long will I need Occupational Therapy input for?
This depends on the individual and goals of treatment. Some people may require an assessment for equipment only and one follow up session whereas others may require intensive input for many months. An estimate for timescales of input will be provided following the initial assessment.

What if I need other specialist services such as Physiotherapy or Speech and Language Therapy
We have a network of Neuro Specialists in the local area whom I can refer on to or work jointly with. Or alternatively you can access a list of service providers on the NABIF directory which is linked here.

Can I be seen in evenings or at weekends?
Yes, however timescales for the initial appointment may be extended due to availability.

Who can refer?
Referrals are accepted directly from clients and their families, GP’s, Case Managers, Solicitors, Insurers and Employers.

How can I refer to you?
Please use the contact form initially, we will then call to discuss the case briefly and to confirm availability. Referral details will be taken at this point or a referral form can be completed where appropriate.

What if I need equipment – can I buy this from you?
If equipment needs are identified then details of this, the cost and source will be provided. Equipment can be ordered on a clients behalf and we will then invoice for this.

How much does your service cost and how do I pay?
Please contact me for costs as fees are based on the service required. Many thanks.

Discounted services are available to private clients where comprehensive reports are not required.
Payment can be made by BACS transfer or Cheque with prior agreement.