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Occupational Therapy Review

Very patient and understanding, definitely had a big impact on my life, i would say she's the most necessary therapist that I work with as she helps me improve on day to day activities,

Jack Service User September 14, 2021

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My experience with Emma

She was a huge help for me during tough times with her frank but empathetic style. I felt very close and open as a result and this in turn benefited my “recovery"

You were a beneficial and memorable part of life for me

Gary Anderson Service User September 14, 2021

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Definitely recommend!

Emma was able to come and do an assessment for me at very short notice, I was given the report very quickly and this allowed me to get essential equipment that I was really in need of. I would use again if needed and recommend to others that are seeking a professional occupational therapist.

Shireen Service User September 14, 2021

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OT really is FAB

After having the great fortune of being a client of the most excellent Emma Shears at OT is FAB I have now, thanks to Emma’s brilliant therapeutic, practical and worldly skills as well as her encyclopaedic knowledge and experience of just about everything, reached the point where I’m ready to face the world on my own. Before working with Emma I was talking to another OT person and happen to tell him what some of my goals where. He actually laughed at me and told me that I had to be realistic, needless to say he wasn’t around for very long.

The thing is that I didn’t just want to stand, just walk or just run, I wanted to fly and fly now! Emma very patiently and carefully broke the problems down into manageable, achievable steps and through that very personalised process, Emma showed me how to build the wings that I needed. I’m very sure that I would not be this far along the road to recovery had it not been for Emma’s constant encouragement, commitment to her profession and the dedication that she has for all her clients.

Emma is quite simply the very best at what she does.

Ray Service User September 14, 2021

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Expert advice

Emma has been a massive help with her kind and understanding nature, she has given me great assistants with a problem that needed expert advice, which she has in abundance, I can't recommend her highly enough for helping me through what seemed to be an insurmountable situation. Many thanks.

Geoff Thorneycroft Client September 23, 2021

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When I was first introduced to Emma, I was sceptical that I needed help with occupational support, since then with her help I’ve moved out of my parents house, learned to cook, clean, do my own washing and manage my day to day finances, all without her help I would not have been able to manage.

Emma is a key part in my support team and I couldn’t have achieved the things I have without her.

Nick Jeffrey Service user September 27, 2021

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OT assessment – 5 star service!

Emma carried out an OT assessment within one of our clients homes. The client was very happy with the service carried out by Emma.

Emma is very professional and I would highly recommend - 5 star service!

Jenny Purchaser October 26, 2021

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Head Injury

The treatment I received after a severe head injury has been very helpfull, life changing infact.
I was struggling before but didn't know it, thinking I was fine but far from it and getting worse.
Emma really helped and made a big difference in my life, and putting it on track again.
Thank you Emma

October 31, 2021

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Upper limb rehabilitation

After my stroke my body was one side paralysed. The recovery of my leg activities has been well supported during a many months process by the NHS program. Unfortunately my paralysed arm did not receive the necessary immediate attention as it would have been necessary. That is the reason why I had to look for someone who would be most appropriate to try to reactivate my arm and hand functions.

After a long search for someone who would be able to help me most appropriately I met Emma Shears. Within a very intense program I was able to get some basic movements back.

Emma also suggested to get in contact with the specialised unit for rehabilitation of the upper limp of The Royal London Hospital Queens Square and was able to organise an initial appointment, after which I was accepted to undergo a three weeks rehabilitation session.

Emma is very passionate about what she is doing and she loves seeing the progression of each of her clients make. She looks beyond the usual way how occupational therapies shall be exercised.

Nicole November 14, 2021