“My first experience with occupational therapy was in hospital, I wasn’t impressed. They gave me a piece of A4 with pictures & some notes on how to do certain exercises. Five minutes later they were gone and that was it. When after my discharge home I was told that I was getting an occupational therapist, my expectations were not high.
However as luck would have it, I happened to get Emma from OT is Fab and I’m so happy that I did. I believe that Emma was born to do OT, she lives and breathes it and is so enthusiastic, positive and so good at what she does, that you simply could not hope for a more dedicated, professional and annoyingly likeable lady.
Emma has great clarity of thought and is an amazingly good problem solver. She has helped me overcome some very large hurdles and if you happen to be fortunate enough to get involved with OT is Fab, you will be in the best of hands.”
Ray, Service User