OT really is FAB

After having the great fortune of being a client of the most excellent Emma Shears at OT is FAB I have now, thanks to Emma’s brilliant therapeutic, practical and worldly skills as well as her encyclopaedic knowledge and experience of just about everything, reached the point where I’m ready to face the world on my own. Before working with Emma I was talking to another OT person and happen to tell him what some of my goals where. He actually laughed at me and told me that I had to be realistic, needless to say he wasn’t around for very long.

The thing is that I didn’t just want to stand, just walk or just run, I wanted to fly and fly now! Emma very patiently and carefully broke the problems down into manageable, achievable steps and through that very personalised process, Emma showed me how to build the wings that I needed. I’m very sure that I would not be this far along the road to recovery had it not been for Emma’s constant encouragement, commitment to her profession and the dedication that she has for all her clients.

Emma is quite simply the very best at what she does.