Upper limb rehabilitation

After my stroke my body was one side paralysed. The recovery of my leg activities has been well supported during a many months process by the NHS program. Unfortunately my paralysed arm did not receive the necessary immediate attention as it would have been necessary. That is the reason why I had to look for someone who would be most appropriate to try to reactivate my arm and hand functions.

After a long search for someone who would be able to help me most appropriately I met Emma Shears. Within a very intense program I was able to get some basic movements back.

Emma also suggested to get in contact with the specialised unit for rehabilitation of the upper limp of The Royal London Hospital Queens Square and was able to organise an initial appointment, after which I was accepted to undergo a three weeks rehabilitation session.

Emma is very passionate about what she is doing and she loves seeing the progression of each of her clients make. She looks beyond the usual way how occupational therapies shall be exercised.